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Client Services


  • Rest Stop Ministries provides the following services to its Residents:

    • Long-term Residential treatment for survivors of sex trafficking

    • 24-hour Residential care and supervision 

    • Restoration program that provides Residents with on-site counseling, case management, and various daily activities aimed to provide Residents with opportunities to rest, learn, and heal

    • Group counseling and group meetings to encourage a strong sense of community and belonging

    • Information and referrals for necessary medical care, vocational and/or educational training, drug and alcohol treatment, additional mental health treatment, and/or any other necessary referrals

    • Transportation for any program-related appointments and activities that occur off-site


  • Mental and Spiritual health will be encouraged through classes on a variety of topics, which include, but are not limited to:

    • Conflict resolution

    • Self-esteem

    • Resume preparation

    • Culinary skills

    • Financial planning

    • Relapse prevention

    • 12 Step Meetings

    • Effective communication

    • Parenting

    • Spirituality

    • Healthy life skills

    • Boundaries

    • Coping skills


  • Physical Health will be encouraged through various activities, which include, but are not limited to:

    • Healthy eating

    • Physical Exercise

    • Hiking

    • Yoga

    • Gardening

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