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The Problem

  • There are 27 million people enslaved in the world today…more than any time in history


  • 80% are female and 50% of those are children trafficked for sexual exploitation


  • Sex Trafficking is a 34 billion dollar business – it is the 2nd largest criminal enterprise and fastest growing crime in the world


  • Every 2 minutes a child is trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the United States (U.S. Department of Justice)


  • Almost 300,000 American children are at risk annually  for trafficking into the sex industry (U.S. Department of State)


  • The average age of entry into prostitution is 13


  • There are girls as young as 5 and 6 years old in the U.S. that are forced to do sexual acts for economic gain by their pimp (U.S. Department of Justice)


  • A 2011 TBI report concluded that no county in Tennessee was immune to the crime of sex trafficking, with 85% of all counties having documented cases


  • “The results of the study are shocking.  Human trafficking and sex slavery in Tennessee is more common than previously believed possible,” said TBI Director, Mark Gwyn

  • 94 minors are trafficked every month in Tennessee; 1,128 each year


  • Four TN Counties (including Davidson) reported more than 100 cases each over a 24 month period


  • Some sex traffickers kidnap their victims, but more prey on vulnerable runaways and throwaways.  Many children are funneled into the system by their own families due to extreme poverty and often to support drug habits. 


  • 95% of all women survivors of sex trafficking report child sexual abuse in their histories


  • Nashville is a hotbed of sex trafficking activity because of our proximity to Atlanta, with the busiest international airport in the country, and our complex interstate systems and the I40, I65, I24 corridor. 


  • The internet has exponentially accelerated the sex industry through “adult” ads on Craigslist and (however, minors are sold this way too…just not legally)


  • There are not enough dedicated beds in shelters across the country to house the number of survivors being rescued.  There are only a handful of shelters that are specifically dedicated and equipped for this particular client group. 


  • The first shelters of this type are finally emerging in the state of Tennessee

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