Volunteer Opportunities

Program Team

Share your skills and abilities with our residents!  We would love for you to lead a 6-8 week class or group.  Some of our favorites are things like nutrition, gardening, painting, exercise, cooking, baking, computer skills, tutoring, etc.  

Transportation Team

This is one of our biggest needs.  Help us transport residents to and from important appointments, meetings, jobs, etc.  This is a great opportunity to be able to support and encourage them as you drive!

Property + Grounds Team

With 25 acres and two houses, there is never a shortage of projects!  Help us cut the grass, weed eat, maintain our garden, prune our orchard, mulch the flower beds, etc.

Hospitality Team

This team commits to helping us deep clean our residential space at least once a quarter.  This also could be helping us to prepare/decorate for new seasons and holidays. We would also love to have some help collecting and organizing household donations.  Another opportunity could be to help prepare bedrooms for new intakes!

Administrative Team

There are lots of opportunities to help us administratively.  This could be through sharing social media content, helping prep for a big mailing, being a part of event planning, or writing thank you cards to donors!

Events + Publicity Team

The main need for this team is to help represent Rest Stop Ministries at events and fairs.  We usually have some items to sell - candles, t-shirts, various handmade items, and we always have information about how to get involved!

Volunteer Process

  1. Fill out volunteer application

    • It's easy - just click the "Apply Now" button below!​

  2. Receive confirmation e-mail

    • Our Volunteer Manager will confirm that we have received your application​

  3. Attend next available volunteer orientation

    • These usually happen once a quarter​

  4. Submit background check

    • We do ask that you help us cover the $20 fee.  We use Verified Volunteers, so your background check can be shared with other organizations you may be a part of!  ​

  5. Start volunteering!

Other Ways to Help


Follow along with us on social media!

Stay up to date with what’s happening.  Like/comment/share our posts. These things are great to grow our following and increase awareness.



We can always use prayer partners.

Pray for our residents, that they will stay strong in their healing and recovery.  

Pray for our staff, that the Lord will provide them wisdom as they care for our girls.  Pray for our board to have clear vision for Rest Stop.

Pray over our finances, that God would provide for our every need.  

Pray protection and  safety over our property.  

Pray over the issue of trafficking at large - for victims, survivors, perpetrators, first responders, and all who are affected.



You can see a list of our current needs here and our online registry here.


You can also visit our website to support us financially.  Your gift helps us to help her.

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Please note that while our business address is Hermitage, TN, our physical location is in Lebanon, TN. 

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