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Rest Stop Ministries
restore survivors. stop oppression.
P.O. Box 156
Hermitage, TN 37076

(615) 965-2647

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News and Events

RSM + LadyCrew

Lady Crew has created some beautiful apparel that directly supports survivors of sex trafficking!  When you buy a shirt, tank, or sweatshirt, 100% of proceeds goes to Rest Stop Ministries!  You can find out more and shop at!

Save the Dates

Mark your calendars for these BIG upcoming events!


Hope Sees

Our Seventh Annual Gala will be held September 14th, 2019 at Oz Arts in Nashville.  We are so excited to share this with you!  There are so many fun things in store for this night - we hope you'll join us!  You can find your tickets here -

Volunteer Orientation

We have a Volunteer Orientation Saturday, April 13th at 10am.  We will meet at The Journey Church in Lebanon.  Please e-mail Sydney if you'd like to attend!  It takes all kinds for us to do this work - crafters, cleaners, landscapers, drivers, teachers, cooks, etc.  No task is too small!

Free Indeed

Our friends at The Journey Church are putting on an event to benefit Rest Stop!  It will be a night of celebration, beauty, and fellowship.  There will be refreshments, a silent auction, life giving testimonials, and a live fashion show featuring local boutiques and salons.  You can find out more and buy tickets here.

The Big Payback

The Big Payback is on May 2nd - less than a month away!  This is a day dedicated to giving back to non-profits in Middle TN.  All the giving is online, so be sure you are following along on all our social channels - FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!  We hope you'll consider giving at least $10 on May 2nd!  You can learn more about The Big Payback here.

A Month to Celebrate

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Here is how we're celebrating!

We can have some hard days around here, but there are so many exciting things to celebrate too.  In this past year, our residents have hit some pretty exciting goals, and we are so excited to share them with you!

Coming from life on the streets to a residential program with lots of space can make for a lot of firsts.  We've had women who saw all kinds of animals for the first time - sheep, emus, and donkeys.  We've had one go to a coffee shop for the first time - she loved her latte!  One resident cut down a Christmas tree for the first time this year!  And our annual summer vacation was a first for quite a few.

If you didn't know, addiction recovery is a big part of what we do.  Women who are enslaved by people, are often also enslaved to substance abuse.  This year, we celebrated a lot of different sobriety milestones - from six months all the way up to five years!

There can also be a lot of legal hurdles for our women.  From court fines and fees to child support.  We had two residents with overwhelming drivers license requirements - after a lot of hard work, both were able to drive legally for the first time in many years.  We had someone complete their probation period and fully pay all their fines.  (A huge victory!)  

We've had residents able to gain employment and start saving money for their future.  This can be a big hurdle for those who have records and possibly very little work experience.

We have lots of great medical partners who have helped us achieve great goals for our women.  We've had 3 get new dentures or denture repairs.  We've had multiple residents able to get glasses or contacts.  One resident received Hep C treatment, and is now FREE of that diagnosis!  And even now, one is preparing for a major skin graph treatment to fix the effects of her previous life.

We have had many, many women with broken relationships come through our doors.  Through lots of healing and reconciliation work, we have seen some of those relationships restored!  Relationships with moms, dads, siblings, and children have improved.  We've been able to support residents through the passing of relatives.  We've even been able to rejoice with one resident who became a grandmother for the first time this year!  What a gift.

We've celebrated birthdays - we make a big deal about those.  Having a sober birthday can be a new thing for some.  We celebrated Christmas - a first for one - and just hard for others.  And WE MADE IT!  The holidays can be tough for anyone, but especially for these women who have broken relationships and difficult memories during this time of year.  It can be a reminder of what they don't have.  It is a big deal for us to have the same number of residents before and after the holidays.  We hope you'll celebrate that with us!

And finally, we celebrated our first graduate this year!  How exciting to be able to see all her hard work pay off.  She moved into her own apartment, with her own car and full time job.  We are so proud.  She is paving the way for the women behind her.

Rest Stop Gala 2018

All. Here. Now.

You are invited to Rest Stop's Annual Gala!  This year's theme is All. Here. Now. 

We want ALL sex slavery abolished. 

We want it abolished HERE in our community. 

We want it abolished NOW.

Join us on September 15th at Trevecca University!  It will be a fun night of food, jazz music, ReStore shopping, and a moving program featuring Shamere McKenzie.  Shamere is a Survivor-Leader and international activist.  She gives voice to the voiceless.  Shamere also gives program leadership to an emergency shelter for trafficking victims through the Salvation Army, as well as serving as Chief Executive Officer for SunGate Foundation, a scholarship program providing educational opportunities for Survivors. If you want to learn more about Shamere, visit

To see more about the event and to buy tickets, click here.

Thanks to our Platinum Sponsor for supporting this year's gala!

Big Payback Success


BIG thank you to all our friends and supporters!


$11,835.00 from 203 unique donors


Most Unique Donors 3-6 AM: $1,000

3rd Place Prize Most Unique Donors: $1,000

Extra Goodness:

Two RSM supporters matched an additional $2,000

Our Big Payback total was $15,835!

Thanks for all the ways you made this happen!   When you help us, you help her.

The Big Payback

Our 2nd biggest fundraiser of the year!

Rest Stop friends - mark your calendars for May 2nd!  The Big Payback is a community-wide, 24-hour online giving challenge hosted by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.  And Rest Stop is participating! 


All you need to give is $10. There are prizes all day for non-profits who get the most unique donors, raise the most money, etc.  Keep an eye on our social media that day for extra pop-up prizes!  Check out the big payback website that day to see the leaderboard and follow along.

Set your alarms for these time frames to help us win prizes - 

Most unique donors from 12:00 - 12:30 AM - $1,500

Donation closest to sunrise (5:53 AM) - $1,000

Donation closest to breakfast (7:30 AM) - $1,000

Donation closest to noon - $1,000

Donation closest to lunch (12:30 PM) - $1,000

Donation closest to dinner (6:30 PM) - $1,000

Donation closest to sunset (7:36 PM) - $1,000

Most unique donors from 7 PM - Midnight - $3,000

In addition to these, we hope to get the Most Unique Donors overall!  The prize for this is $5,000!  We've come so close every year!  Help us do it this year by spreading the word!  Share our posts on Facebook that day, and encourage your people to donate!  We can make a big collective impact!


ANNOUNCING OUR HOLIDAY POP-UP SHOP!  Do you love our beautiful hand-poured Honey Almond scented, clean burning soy candles with the wood wicks?  They make wonderful gifts!  NOW you can order them online as easily as pulling out your phone! Just follow the POP-UP SHOP tab in our menu to begin!

While shopping you can also "purchase" items that will benefit our residents as Holiday Gift Giving!  For example, would you consider adding a $30 gift to your cart that would supply medical care or medical prescriptions for one resident for a month?  Check out the other options!  Happy Shopping!  Remember us on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday! and All Month Long!! 'Tis the Season!

Tennessee High Score

Did you hear the BIG News that Tennessee received the highest score in the country for our anti-trafficking infrastructure?!  Shared Hope International is one of the leading advocacy groups who publish an annual State report card.  We are part of this great collaborative coalition creating collective impact in our state fighting this crime and serving the victims. Be very proud! #RestoreSurvivors #StopOppression

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