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Planned Services Anchor
We intend to provide the following services:
Residential Program


A 2-year residential program, free of charge, following a “housing-first” model.


This includes housing, food, clothing, basic necessities, and transportation.

Comprehensive Support Program


A support program that addresses a comprehensive continuum of "trauma-informed" care which includes but is not limited to the following support, rehabilitation and training services:



  • Partnering with a network of local health care providers and safety net programs to provide primary medical, dental, mental health treatment, and prescription medicine.


  • Partnering with the Sexual Assault Center for needs specific to this population.


  • Providing customized case management for each resident.


  • Providing family and community mediation and/or reintegration services including legal services.


  • Providing transitional planning and services including a matched savings plan and low-rent transitional housing for graduates of our program to enable economic independence, a critical success factor for the sustainability of healing.



  • Partnering with local drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs.


  • Providing in-house curricula to support on-going development in holistic health including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness utilizing a variety of means such as art and music therapy, gardening and cooking therapy, animal therapy, etc.



  • Providing education and job skills training to address the major gaps for this population, as well as on-going employment coaching.


  • Providing additional life skills training including parenting, financial literacy, culinary skills, etc.

Social Enterprise and Training


A phase two, social enterprise component which will aid in the sustainability of our program by providing a revenue stream, as well as being the vehicle for which much of the job training for our residents will occur with the goal being financial independence for the women.

The vision for the social enterprise includes but is not limited to:



  • A farm-to-table catering concept which would involve our program residents (and potentially graduates) in the whole cycle of growing, harvesting, preparing, cooking, and serving the food.


  • Residents would also learn and work in the business side: marketing, managing, etc.


  • There are many benefits of this type business venture to the broader community in which we reside.



  • A RESTORE, repurposed goods crafted by our survivors, in keeping with the theme of their repurposed lives.


  • This concept potentially includes both an online store as well as a physical location complete with art studio, live music venue, food/coffee café in partnership with the catering business. “Rest Stop Shop & Café”.

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